Shaw Traffic has been in the sign production industry since 1995 producing roadway products for private, commercial, and large-scale industrial clients. Whether for personal property use, or major roadways, Shaw Traffic has wide range of sign products for your every need – standard or custom.

Along with sign manufacturing, Shaw Traffic carries a large line of traffic control products and equipment.


Cones are the perfect way to delineate any obstacle on your job site. Enviro-Cones are available with a recessed area for reflective strips. The benefit of having recessed cones is that they extend the life of your reflectors or logos you have on the cone.

Features: manufactured from low density polyethylene, this provides superior cold weather performance and increases the life span of the Enviro-Cone when compared to traditional PVC Cones. The Enviro-Cone resists cracking and shattering down to -45°F (-42.78°C); and even under the hottest conditions, the Enviro-Cone stands tall and vertical in temperatures as high as 180°F (82.23°C); no more soft and droopy cones in hot weather! The Enviro-Cone provides long term durability with excellent color retention through the use of UV stabilizers and low density polyethylene plastic.


The stem of the Looper-Tubes are made of flexible yet durable fluorescent low density polyethylene material, with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. The recessed areas on the stem protect the reflective bands, minimizing rips and scratches. The extra large flange at the bottom of the stem allows the rubber base to hold it firmly in place. The unique “loop” style handle makes grabbing and moving the Looper-Tube a breeze! Even on and off the bed of a work truck! Closing off an area of the job site is quick and easy when utilizing the “loop” style handle with two (2) or more Looper-Tubes tied together with caution tape, flag line, or rope


Drum is a minimum of 18″ wide throughout its 36″ height, regardless of orientation. Tapered design allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage. Gentle curves throughout drum eliminate sharp edges or corners that crack and break when impacted. Built-in carrying and dragging handle. Two mounting holes for optional barricade lights. Bright orange color molded throughout drum – UV inhibitors minimize fading. NTPEP tested-meets or exceeds MUTCD specifications. Retaining lip and flange for added strength during impact. “D” shaped design minimizes rolling after impact and separation from base


Shaw Traffic can help you make the right choices when purchasing signs. All types of traffic signs available from standard government regulated roadway signs to customizable sign for parking lots, buildings or other project needs.